Decorate your dream home as per trends in 2019


New year is seen as an opportunity to reboot. An opportunity to hug what is new and good and quit behind what is bad. So, when you decide to overhaul do not forget to about your home decoration.

Want to try out some new decoration in your new abode Sobha Royal Pavilion Bangalore? That is a great idea!

Decorating home is an overwhelming business because there are endless options available. It is like playing with its strength, hiding its flaws and make it look appealing for just about anything and everything.Some people have a natural eye when it comes to designing but we have come for those who just can’t do anything without internet. Subway tiles, exposed lightnings and rose were the styling pattern of past year. With new year comes in new decorating patterns. 2019 is going to have some fantastic trends. Before you start experimenting in your luxurious abode Sobha Royal Pavilion Sarjapur and end up breaking your bank, watch out a few trends we are sharing with you.

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  • To make a great first impression of your house set the tone at your entrance door. Paint your main door in some glossy and fun hue. Red yellow and Orange are called warm colors and are associated with happiness and joy. They are welcoming colors. One more thing that you should away is that old-fashioned screen doors.
  • Keep all walls light and neutral to minimize that clashing transition. Neutral colors not only includes grey, beige and white but black, blue and brown depends on how you use it for your home. Walls in neutral colors gives the flexibility to decorate your home and you can easily switch the accessories of your place. Painting small rooms side by side in some neutral can make their size look larger.
  • Your chairs and sofa should be talking to each other, Not literally, Furniture should be placed in groupings so that they invite conversation just the way you see in the hotel lobby. Aim for a sense of intimacy and balance while placing furniture in your living room. An ideal conversation area should have a U-shape or H shape setting of seating. Generally, people think that pushing furniture against the wall makes the room look bigger but in reality, letting them float away from walls gives a sense of the big area.
  • Do away with those heavy out of the date curtains and drapes and let the sunlight enter your room. A naked window bank is better than a hideous one. If your room gets a lot of sunlight, opt for colors that don’t fade away and also go for sheer, lightweight and full-length curtains like cotton, silk or linen as they tend to hang well.
  • At least one mirror in all rooms should be hanged. Mirrors make the light bounce around all corners of the room thus making space feel bigger and brighter. The mirror should not be placed wrongly because it will be as bad as not having any mirror at all. Putting mirrors upright to the windows is ideal but not exact opposite to it as it will bounce back all the light out of the room.
  • Scale your wall before placing any artwork. Hanging that dingy looking piece of art too high on the wall is more ridiculous looking. The frames and art pieces should be hanged at eye level. If your wall is really large go for those big and oversize frames or collects small frames and place in a gallery style. But these small pieces should not be too far apart from each other.
  • There is three layer of lights that should be in your homes. Accent lights are more highlighting and decorative, ambient lightning often comes from ceiling fixtures and provide overall brightness and brilliance and task lights found on a reading nook or over a kitchen island. You should have at least 3 watts per square foot in your living room.

To put it simply, in your new home at Sobha Royal Pavilion Sarjapur Road Bangalore go with the things that make you smile and above all is comfortable for your family. Rooms overly designed not really turn it into modish style. So, Decorate it your way!

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