Factors that impact how much home loan you will get

CIBIL the most essential factor

When you approach the bank to get the loan, you should have to satisfy some of the eligibility criteria of any bank. CIBIL score is one such requirement for your loan to be approved.

A CIBIL score is a number allocated to each person who files the income tax. It represents his/her creditworthiness. CIBIL score is this number that plays a major role when banks choose whether a loan application should be approved or not. It receives information from banks and other financial institutions about the financial performance of their customers and aggregates this information to produce a score or number.

The minimum CIBIL score needed to purchase home loan is 700. A good credit score along with fulfillment of other criteria as decided by the bank is essential to get the housing loan or personal loan. Good CIBIL score can get you financing up to 85% of the total cost of the property.

How to maintain good CIBIL score

Follow the below points to keep your CIBIL score high

  • Make sure that all your payments are made on time and pay the entire amount due if any.
  • Do not use your entire credit limit. Monitor your credit utilization and keep your outstanding balances low to get a good credit score.
  • Check your accounts (single and joint account) regularly so that no payment is missed at the end of the month either by you or the joint account holder.
  • Track of your credit score and history by accessing your credit information reports from time to time and rectify errors, if any.
  • Maintain a balanced combination of secured and unsecured loans rather than having too many unsecured loans. It will assist you to improve your credit score overall.

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Sobha Royal Pavilion

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Sobha Royal Pavilion apartment is an exclusive outstanding residential property designed and developed in prominent locations of silicon city in Hadosiddapura near Sarjapur Main road, Bangalore. The project is planned to adopt pavilions or an elevated dome-shaped canopies or which is the symbol of pride that adds the touch of royalism and hence the name Sobha Royal Pavilion is derived. The dome shape architecture is the symbol that brings in the touch of positive vibration and avoids the natural disaster for a certain extend. Property incorporates the Courtyards placed adjacent to the main entrance along with a wonderful fountain in the centre to depict the style and architecture of Mughal times. Galleries/ balconies that are enclosed referred as Jharokhas are included in the property for viewing the nature and to enjoy the fresh breeze. Jalis or Mashrabiya style windows and screens are involved in the property to make it more attractive for an enhanced look. To capture the sense of royalism flooring is done using the Marble to the corridors, hall, and courtyards to reflect the magnificence & skilful craftsmanship involved. Sobha Royal Pavilion venture is spread over 24.2 acres of vast land accommodating 1284 units in the premises.The property features 2 Bhk, 3 Bhk & 4 BHK flats accommodated across 17 Towers and also includes 39 Row Houses for the best stay.

Sobha Royal Pavilion Amenities for the wellness and well-being

Sobha Royal Pavilion property offers you various amenities to fill your desire of luxurious living. State-of-art clubhouse spread over 40,000 sq.ft is included in the project with various facilities to cater residents of all age. Amenities like A well-equipped high-class gym and a wide swimming pool is made for you to refresh and relax. Outdoor fitness corner jogging tracks and Cycling tracks are set in the premises for the residents to follow the fitness routine. Sports amenities like badminton court, tennis court, multi-sports court and squash court are made to aid fulfil your efficient utilization of play time. Luxurious amenities like the dedicated pool for kids, Amphitheatre, reading lounge, cafeteria, a salon, Amphitheatre and meditation park are extended for the rich living of the inmates. For the eco-friendly stay, various methods of rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plant to organically dispose of domestic waste within the premises are followed in Sobha Royal Pavilion.

Sobha Royal Pavilion Amenities

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