Real Estate Investors find Sobha Royal Pavilion Favorable for profitable returns on Investment

In order to safeguard our interests for a secured future, we have to consider saving up at an early stage. Property investments, considered as the most profitable form of investments has a lot to offer in regards to formidable returns on investment. Residents are now effectively transitioning from living as tenants to first-time property aspirants. Sobha Royal Pavilion by Sobha developers is a residential project which is located to precision at Hadosiddapura near Sarjapur road in Bangalore. The project conveniently offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments that are spread over 24 acres of land so residents at the site can make the most of the space and the resources provided. In order to incorporate a customer-centric approach, residents are welcomed at the site at all times to experience the amenities, floor plans, design structures or even take an entire of the property before making the final purchase decision. There are prominent educational and medical institutions in close proximity that would enable residents to provide the best for their children in regards to education and healthcare.

Sobha Royal Pavilion, Sobha Royal Pavilion Sarjapur Road
Sobha Royal Pavilion

Impact of RERA, GST and IT infrastructures on Sarjapur property market

The inclusion of real estate regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST has given rise to affordable housing options. Sarjapur, renowned for its IT infrastructures has attracted residents from all income levels and ethnic backgrounds. IT professionals can now consider investing early to make the most of the property market price trends and grab on formidable returns on investment. Sobha Royal Pavilion apartments are curated by the best in the business in order to cater to diverse residential requirements. With 1284 luxury residential spaces up for grabs, residents are presented with a host of alternatives to choose from. Sarjapur, which is close to localities like HSR, Marathahalli and Bellandur is surrounded by fascinating social infrastructures which is sure to help residents to go about with their everyday commute with relative ease and comfort. Rest assured, residents planning to invest with Sobha Royal Pavilion are certain to lead a convenient living experience.

Infrastructure marvels that complement creative floor plan designs- Get Investing

An integral part of a good investment decision is the effective utilization of the space and resources provided at the site. Residents are often suggested to consult with professional real estate advisers to gain an in-depth knowledge about the property market. Also, it is an added advantage if residents come to the site with a pre-determined floor plan design. This would help them compare the designs available at the property which would in turn help them decide better among alternatives. Sobha Royal Pavilion offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments that are scattered across 24 acres of land. The 2 BHK units are spread over 1350 sq.ft while the 3 and 4 BHK residential spaces spans across a super built up area ranging from 1560 sq.ft- 1865 sq.ft and 2300 sq.ft respectively. Residents are more than welcomed to consult with architects present at the site which helps them utilize the space better and to their advantage.

Price variables – What does Sobha Royal Pavilion have to offer?

Be it the amenities or the floor plans devised at the project, customers are eager to know the overall price of the property. Be it any product or service offering, people are concerned of what value could be associated with the purchase. Property investments, unlike other purchase decisions are long-term in nature. The 2 BHK apartments at Sobha Royal Pavilion are priced at 88 Lacs while the 3 and 4 BHK units are priced in range of 1.02 Cr- 1.22 Cr and 1.80 Cr respectively. There are financial advisers present at the site who assist investors in devising a suitable budget without affecting their other financial obligations for a hassle-free booking process.

Sobha Royal Pavilion Price
Sobha Royal Price

To conclude, considering all the factors, real estate investors are sure to find Sobha Royal Pavilion to bank on alternate source of income.


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Sobha Royal Pavilion- 2/3/4 BHK Apartment Units at Sarjapur Road

Sobha Royal Pavilion Prestigious Project

Sobha Developers, well-known name for creative renderings and quality establishments have come up with regal homes that you have always dreamt of on Sarjapur Road. Sobha Royal Pavilion featuring impeccable living in admirable homes. Brilliantly complimenting the urban life culture Sobha Royal Pavilion have 2/3/4 Bedroom luxurious abodes that are sure to end your quest for undying habitat with bountiful joy and boundless appeal. The developers have proposed to design the project in Rajasthani theme, to have abundant sunshine and ventilation in each and every residential unit. Offering premium grade homes, the project Sobha Royal Pavilion has set its location in the tranquillity in east Bangalore, off Sarjapur road. Royal Pavilion is one of the prestigious and much awaited establishments of the east zone of Bangalore.

Sobha Royal Pavilion

Specifications of Sobha Royal Pavilion

Keeping alive the residential blocks, Sobha Royal Pavilion surrounds healthy greenery sprawled in 24 acres of land. The units designed are roomy providing enough space to showcase your creative side and are also well lit, well ventilated and Vastu Compliant.The RERA approved project Sobha Royal Pavilion have 1284 units segregated in 16 towers having 2 basements, ground and 18 floors. Loaded with all stylish and modern amenities of Royal Pavilion offers you a fully equipped gymnasium a yoga deck and meditation zone, a capacious in-house club and a community hall, a play arena for children’s, big swimming pool both kids and adults, spacious garden area with seating arrangements. The project also has the facility of various indoor and outdoor sports like snooker and card room, tennis and badminton court and cricket pitch. The project is also PRO in water purification facility, waste management system, Sewage treatment plant, rainwater harvesting, 24*7 power and water supply, high speed elevators and round the clock security alert.

Sobha Royal Pavilion Amenities

Sobha Royal Pavilion Location

The impressive residential housing Sobha Royal Pavilion is launched by Sobha Developers for joyful living in the rightful locations of east Bangalore i.e.  off Sarjapur Main Road. The premium relic is surrounded by all required social and civic amenities in a perfectly systematized neighbourhood. The location of the project houses like renowned educational and health-care institutions, financial institutions like banks, ATMs are also in proximity. The grocery marts, shopping malls,restaurants,entertainment forums and petrol bunks are stones throw away distance from the Royal Pavilion project. Sarjapur Road very popular among the IT crowd and is known to be one of the fastest developing areas of the city owing to its seamless connectivity to renowned IT hubs of Whitefield, Koramangala, Marathalli, and Electronic City. The region is also well connected to The Kempegowda International Airport via Outer Ring Road.

Sobha Royal Pavilion Sarjapur Road enjoy the location advantage of being in open green lush areas of Bangalore and have serene and tranquil atmosphere. It is a luxurious living space in heart of IT hub where you can enjoy the luxury of high-rise contemporary home designed beautifully.With so much to experience from open green spaces to recreational facilities the project has all top end amenities giving everything you need for a fulfilling life.

Sobha Royal Pavilion – Affordable homes complementing investor safety and well-being

Bangalore, over the years has welcomed residents and property developers for obvious reasons. The city provides high-paying jobs in the IT sector and enjoy great climate throughout the year. Residents are now effectively transitioning as tenants to real-time homeowners. Sobha Royal Pavilion by the renowned Sobha developers is a residential project which is primarily located at Hadosiddapura near Sarjapur road in Bangalore. With impeccable proximity and connectivity benefits to the rest of the city, residents are sure to consider Sobha Royal Pavilion as their primary investment choice.

The Sobha Royal Pavilion project in Thomas Layout Hadosiddapura Sarjapur Road offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments that are spread across 24 acres that would enable residents to come to the site and make the most of the resources available. With 1,284 residential units up for grabs, residents are left with diverse range of alternatives to choose from. Renowned schools, colleges are close to the project which makes life that much easier for residents as they can provide the best for their children in regards to education and healthcare. The 2 BHK apartments spans across 1300 sq,ft while the 3 and 4 BHK apartments are spread across a size ranging from 1490 sq.ft- 1800 sq.ft and 2200 sq.ft respectively. Architects and engineers are present at the site at all times so residents who are at site can avail professional realty consultation services in order to arrive at concrete and profitable investment decisions.

Sobha Royal Pavilion Project Highlights

Sarjapur, as a location has a lot to offer as it is close to areas like Marathahalli, HSR and Bellandur which is sure to contribute to land appreciation and rise in social infrastructure development. With 24/7 security services at all times with manned security personnel stationed at entry and exits, residents would surely feel safe within the premises. Amenities like equipped gymnasiums, swimming pools, recreational play parks, landscaped gardens and a fabulous club house adds on to what you call a luxurious, yet a comfortable living experience. Why wait when you can get that much closer to your dream home? Come, live and celebrate life the Sobha Royal Pavilion way!

Factors that impact how much home loan you will get

CIBIL the most essential factor

When you approach the bank to get the loan, you should have to satisfy some of the eligibility criteria of any bank. CIBIL score is one such requirement for your loan to be approved.

A CIBIL score is a number allocated to each person who files the income tax. It represents his/her creditworthiness. CIBIL score is this number that plays a major role when banks choose whether a loan application should be approved or not. It receives information from banks and other financial institutions about the financial performance of their customers and aggregates this information to produce a score or number.

The minimum CIBIL score needed to purchase home loan is 700. A good credit score along with fulfillment of other criteria as decided by the bank is essential to get the housing loan or personal loan. Good CIBIL score can get you financing up to 85% of the total cost of the property.

How to maintain good CIBIL score

Follow the below points to keep your CIBIL score high

  • Make sure that all your payments are made on time and pay the entire amount due if any.
  • Do not use your entire credit limit. Monitor your credit utilization and keep your outstanding balances low to get a good credit score.
  • Check your accounts (single and joint account) regularly so that no payment is missed at the end of the month either by you or the joint account holder.
  • Track of your credit score and history by accessing your credit information reports from time to time and rectify errors, if any.
  • Maintain a balanced combination of secured and unsecured loans rather than having too many unsecured loans. It will assist you to improve your credit score overall.

For the best buy of housing venture, invest in the best residential property of Bangalore by Sobha Properties in Sobha Royal Pavilion property.

Sobha Royal Pavilion, Sobha Royal Pavilion Sarjapur Road
Sobha Royal Pavilion

Seamless blend of royal architecture and urban living in Sobha Royal Pavilion

Sobha Royal Pavilion apartment is an exclusive outstanding residential property designed and developed in prominent locations of silicon city in Hadosiddapura near Sarjapur Main road, Bangalore. The project is planned to adopt pavilions or an elevated dome-shaped canopies or which is the symbol of pride that adds the touch of royalism and hence the name Sobha Royal Pavilion is derived. The dome shape architecture is the symbol that brings in the touch of positive vibration and avoids the natural disaster for a certain extend. Property incorporates the Courtyards placed adjacent to the main entrance along with a wonderful fountain in the centre to depict the style and architecture of Mughal times. Galleries/ balconies that are enclosed referred as Jharokhas are included in the property for viewing the nature and to enjoy the fresh breeze. Jalis or Mashrabiya style windows and screens are involved in the property to make it more attractive for an enhanced look. To capture the sense of royalism flooring is done using the Marble to the corridors, hall, and courtyards to reflect the magnificence & skilful craftsmanship involved. Sobha Royal Pavilion venture is spread over 24.2 acres of vast land accommodating 1284 units in the premises.The property features 2 Bhk, 3 Bhk & 4 BHK flats accommodated across 17 Towers and also includes 39 Row Houses for the best stay.

Sobha Royal Pavilion Amenities for the wellness and well-being

Sobha Royal Pavilion property offers you various amenities to fill your desire of luxurious living. State-of-art clubhouse spread over 40,000 sq.ft is included in the project with various facilities to cater residents of all age. Amenities like A well-equipped high-class gym and a wide swimming pool is made for you to refresh and relax. Outdoor fitness corner jogging tracks and Cycling tracks are set in the premises for the residents to follow the fitness routine. Sports amenities like badminton court, tennis court, multi-sports court and squash court are made to aid fulfil your efficient utilization of play time. Luxurious amenities like the dedicated pool for kids, Amphitheatre, reading lounge, cafeteria, a salon, Amphitheatre and meditation park are extended for the rich living of the inmates. For the eco-friendly stay, various methods of rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plant to organically dispose of domestic waste within the premises are followed in Sobha Royal Pavilion.

Sobha Royal Pavilion Amenities

Buy the best property of the Sarjapur Road in Sobha Royal Pavilion this year and add worth to your investments.

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Sobha Royal Pavilion Invest in Sarjapur for rising returns on property purchase

via Sobha Royal Pavilion Invest in Sarjapur for rising returns on property purchase

Sobha Royal Pavilion
Sobha Royal Pavilion Hadosiddapura

Sobha Royal Pavilion Hadosiddapura, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Project to have 1,284 units to be built on 24 acres land in a luxury and super luxury style. The architecture is an amalgamation of colonial, mughal and Hindu Architecture called Indo Saracenic style of Architecture. Please visit our website for more details on the project

Decorate your dream home as per trends in 2019


New year is seen as an opportunity to reboot. An opportunity to hug what is new and good and quit behind what is bad. So, when you decide to overhaul do not forget to about your home decoration.

Want to try out some new decoration in your new abode Sobha Royal Pavilion Bangalore? That is a great idea!

Decorating home is an overwhelming business because there are endless options available. It is like playing with its strength, hiding its flaws and make it look appealing for just about anything and everything.Some people have a natural eye when it comes to designing but we have come for those who just can’t do anything without internet. Subway tiles, exposed lightnings and rose were the styling pattern of past year. With new year comes in new decorating patterns. 2019 is going to have some fantastic trends. Before you start experimenting in your luxurious abode Sobha Royal Pavilion Sarjapur and end up breaking your bank, watch out a few trends we are sharing with you.

Sobha Royal Pavilion, Sobha Royal Pavilion Hadosiddapur, Sobha Royal Pavilion Sarjapur Road
Sobha Royal Pavilion
  • To make a great first impression of your house set the tone at your entrance door. Paint your main door in some glossy and fun hue. Red yellow and Orange are called warm colors and are associated with happiness and joy. They are welcoming colors. One more thing that you should away is that old-fashioned screen doors.
  • Keep all walls light and neutral to minimize that clashing transition. Neutral colors not only includes grey, beige and white but black, blue and brown depends on how you use it for your home. Walls in neutral colors gives the flexibility to decorate your home and you can easily switch the accessories of your place. Painting small rooms side by side in some neutral can make their size look larger.
  • Your chairs and sofa should be talking to each other, Not literally, Furniture should be placed in groupings so that they invite conversation just the way you see in the hotel lobby. Aim for a sense of intimacy and balance while placing furniture in your living room. An ideal conversation area should have a U-shape or H shape setting of seating. Generally, people think that pushing furniture against the wall makes the room look bigger but in reality, letting them float away from walls gives a sense of the big area.
  • Do away with those heavy out of the date curtains and drapes and let the sunlight enter your room. A naked window bank is better than a hideous one. If your room gets a lot of sunlight, opt for colors that don’t fade away and also go for sheer, lightweight and full-length curtains like cotton, silk or linen as they tend to hang well.
  • At least one mirror in all rooms should be hanged. Mirrors make the light bounce around all corners of the room thus making space feel bigger and brighter. The mirror should not be placed wrongly because it will be as bad as not having any mirror at all. Putting mirrors upright to the windows is ideal but not exact opposite to it as it will bounce back all the light out of the room.
  • Scale your wall before placing any artwork. Hanging that dingy looking piece of art too high on the wall is more ridiculous looking. The frames and art pieces should be hanged at eye level. If your wall is really large go for those big and oversize frames or collects small frames and place in a gallery style. But these small pieces should not be too far apart from each other.
  • There is three layer of lights that should be in your homes. Accent lights are more highlighting and decorative, ambient lightning often comes from ceiling fixtures and provide overall brightness and brilliance and task lights found on a reading nook or over a kitchen island. You should have at least 3 watts per square foot in your living room.

To put it simply, in your new home at Sobha Royal Pavilion Sarjapur Road Bangalore go with the things that make you smile and above all is comfortable for your family. Rooms overly designed not really turn it into modish style. So, Decorate it your way!

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Sobha Royal Pavilion, Sobha Royal Pavilion Hadosiddapura, Sobha Royal Pavilion Sarjapur

Sobha Royal Pavilion Invest in Sarjapur for rising returns on property purchase

Investment in Real Estate – Sobha Projects Sarjapur Road

sobha-royal-pavilion-sarjapur-roadSobha Royal Pavilion Hadosiddapura Sarjapur Road – 2, 3 & 4 BHK Apartments

Bangalore, as a city has witnessed fabulous social infrastructure development. As the city enjoys pleasant climate and provides high-paying jobs in the IT sector, residents are more than keen to move to emerging parts around the city. Sobha Royal Pavilion by Sobha Properties is a residential project which is precisely located at Hadosiddapura Sarjapur Road Bangalore. The project offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK Apartments that are spread over 24 Acres of land. With wide-open areas, residents are sure to explore and make the most of the space and resources provided. With many and row houses, residents are presented with wide-range of alternatives to choose from.

Sobha Royal Apartments on Sarjapur Road – Commercial and Residential Haven

Sarjapur, which is a commercial powerhouse has attracted some of the best property developers which is sure to cater to customers from all backgrounds and income levels. Located in close proximity to areas like Marathahalli and HSR, Sobha Royal Pavilion provides impeccable connectivity benefits so residents can spend more time with their loved ones. The 2 and 3 BHK Apartments offered are spread over a size ranging from 1,350 sq.ft- 1,865 sq.ft while the 4 BHK Apartments + 3T are spread over a size of 2,300 sq.ft respectively. There are 1,284 units that are up for grabs and the project comprises of a massive clubhouse that spans across 40,000 sq.ft with car parking and visitors parking as well. Residents are welcomed to the site at all times to experience the amenities, floor plans, structural specifications or even take an entire tour of the property before making final purchase decisions. This establishes long-lasting relationships as there is complete transparency maintained with clients that are interested in the project.

The project has incorporated the theme of Rajasthani Architecture which has royalty written all over it. Amenities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, landscaped gardens, senior citizen corner, meditation parks, jogging tracks and amphitheatre are provided within the premises so in-house residents can get their daily dose of entertainment without heading to far-out locations in the city. Rest assured, residents, especially first-time property investors are sure to select Sobha Royal Pavilion in Hadosiddapura Sarjapur Road as their preferred investment choice.

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